Emmanuel Episcopal Church
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Vestry Members

Jacob Richard's - ministry includes organist, warden, chairman of the finance committee, member of the budget committee, member of the building committee, assists with the counting of the offering on Sundays and coordinate the dinners and breakfast we organize at Emmanuel periodically.


Aggrey Jacobs - served as Treasurer and a member of the Bishop’s committee. Presently he is serving as warden, chairman of the budget committee, President of the building committee, a member of the fund raising committee, a member of the choir and assists with the counting of the offering on Sundays.


Bernard Williams - is a member of the vestry and serves as the clerk. He assists with the counting of the offering on Sundays and is responsible for depositing the money in the bank. He is a member of the choir, the finance committee and the budget committee.


Kathleen Gunthorpes - ministry includes singing in the choir, superintendant of Sunday school, coordinator of youth Sunday service, coordinator of the Christmas pageant, coordinator of our Summer youth cruise and Emmanuel’s summer park outing.


Janice Taylor - is the parish Treasurer. She is responsible for paying the bills, keeping a running balance of the checking account, reconciling the bank statements, prepare and present financial statements at vestry meetings, prepare and present the financial statement at the annual parochial meeting, assist in counting Sunday offerings and coordinates two of our major fund raising activities.


Veronica Williams - is President of the Episcopal Church Women of Emmanuel (ECW), President of the Brooklyn Archdeaconry ECW, and a board member of the Diocesan ECW. She serves as coordinator of many parochial activities and readily responded when called upon to assist with any project.


Jennifer Webster’s - ministry includes serving as mentor for young adults, promotes events for the youths, coordinates Education Sunday service and assists high school children with their preparation for college. She sang in the choir and served on the vestry. She is Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM) a Lay Eucharistic Visitor (LEV) and a candidate for the diaconate in the Diocese of Long Island.